SenterME helps ambitious Black women in preventing the onset of high-functioning depression and increases the quality of expression by providing self-care education that encourages a strong sense of self.  

Three Key Elements Of A Thriving Self-Care Journey!

SenterME Online Self-Care Courses

Keep It R.E.A.L.
Processing Your Emotions

Put your emotional, mental, physical health first by learning how to process your emotions using the SenterME method Keep It R.E.A.L.!

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It's The Boundaries For ME! Pt 1

Get an in-depth understanding of internal and external boundaries to build a strong foundation for your self-love environment, prevent mental health issues, & love the space you're in!

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Explore ME-
Your Inner Space

Create a deep and intimate connection with your inner space to break down barriers, combat imposter syndrome, and love everything that you find within!

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It's The Boundaries For ME! Pt 2

Boundaries encourage EXPANSION! In this advance level class you'll learn how to enforce relationship & sexual boundaries that will allow you to expand in your romantic, professional, and family relationships!

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Planet ME-Your Outer Space

Regulating your outer space just got easier! In this class you will learn how to create a self-love environment that puts your relationships, hobbies, occupation, and home in alignment with your well-being!

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Événements à venir

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Self-Care Is The Formula For Success!


The benefits of self-care have a tremendous impact on your mental health, relationships, career & your expression! 

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