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Charlotte C. Louis is the owner and founder of SenterME, self-care for ambitious Black women. After 2 years of operating Queen's Magic Hair, a hair care company that focused on self-care awareness, she made the executive decision to close the doors and open up a new chapter of self-care empowerment! 

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My Story

In 2017 Charlotte C. Louis started her first business, Queen's Magic Hair, part-time to share her passion for hair care but more importantly it was the opportunity to share the loving feeling that comes with self-care. During this time she was a financial professional for one of the largest brokerage firms in the world holding an insurance license, a Series 7, and a Series 66 license. Shortly after giving birth to her second bundle of joy in 2019, Charlotte (now a single mother) relocated to Wilson, NC to be closer to family. After 7 years strong in the financial industry, by the end of 2019, Charlotte found herself jobless and confused when faced with a struggle to find employment to support her family. That is when Queen's Magic Hair was promoted to a full-time gig! 

Charlotte grossed over thirty-thousand in revenue in her first year of entrepreneurship full-time during the pandemic with only the will to survive fueling her ambitions. Very proud of her accomplishments but unhappy, Charlotte was desperate for inner peace. A broken ankle delivered peace and so much more! Forced out of survivor mode, Charlotte finally took notice of what was going on within and found severe depression, anxiety, and eighty extra pounds of weight gain. A commitment to self-love, over 26 books on self-development, countless therapy sessions, daily meditation, journaling, and practicing yoga over the next year resulted in a transformation of a lifetime (and 80 lbs lighter). 

In 2022, on a mission to change lives, Charlotte decided to close Queen's Magic Hair and finally walk into her purpose focusing exclusively on building the most trusted self-care resource for ambitious Black women all over the world, SenterME. Charlotte is filled with enthusiasm, faith, and self-love in this new chapter and is eager to share step by step how self-care transforms lives for the better using the SenterME, Sis! A Black Girl's Guide to Self-Care Program, SenterME Refresh & Reconnect Weekend self-care challenges, the SenterME, Sis! Podcast, SenterME Presence Checks, strategic partnerships, and so much more to come! 

'As I look back on how I started in entrepreneurship full-time, losing my job and not being able to find a job to replace it, nothing made sense to me during that time. Choosing to trust myself and develop the SenterME, Sis! A Black Girl's Guide to Self-Care Program curriculum was actually one of the most challenging experiences I have ever had, but everything makes sense now and it feels incredible.' -Charlotte C. Louis


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to partner with organizations that cater to the wellness of Black women. Let's connect. Click Here!