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Dedicated Leadership

Charlotte C. Louis. our founder & Chief Executive Officer serves as a self-love coach, keynote speaker, and certified meditation practitioner. She is committed to SenterME's trust-based culture and believes this is reflected strongly in our community relations. With a wealth of experience in relationship-building and corporate training spanning over 16 years, Charlotte is a motivated and people-oriented professional. She has accumulated numerous hours of self-love coaching, continuously expanding her expertise.


As a skilled leader and communicator, Charlotte strives to revolutionize our perception of self-love, emphasizing its profound impact on emotional well-being and stress management.


Having personally struggled with depression and anxiety, Charlotte's journey to self-love inspired the establishment of SenterME. She effectively applied the knowledge gained from her self-development studies and resources to embody her authentic self, fostering inner peace, confidence, and emotional stability. Overcoming eight years of narcissistic abuse, Charlotte has attained mastery in regulating her emotions and managing stress with ease. This transformative experience has deepened her connection with herself, continually expanding her understanding and practice of self-love.


With SenterME, Charlotte is driven by a mission to facilitate women's access to optimal emotional wellness and stress relief. She seeks to normalize the re-education of self-love as a means to empower individuals on their unique paths toward well-being.

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Innovative Approach

ShaRanda Stephens SHRM-CP, our Creative Director, brings innovation and intentional creativity to the SenterME House experience that helps us drive forward women's wellness. She has over 13 years of experience as an HR & Creative Director. She earned her Bachelor’s in Healthcare Management with a Minor in Deaf Studies, from Winston-Salem State University and is also a Certified Professional from the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM-CP). She deeply believes in the power of caring for one another.


Her passion for strengthening communities through connection is key to her success as a leader and curator of culture. ShaRanda is the founder of SHINE by ShaRanda where she uses her vast creative abilities to enhance every project that comes her way. 

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Purpose-Driven Strategy

Cyn Marie Bastos EMBA, PMP, our Chief of Staff, is invested in and helps spearhead our purpose-driven strategy to be the preferred self-love partner for women who desire emotional wellness & stress relief support everywhere. She has over 15 years of experience in Project Management and Executive Coaching. She earned her Bachelor’s in Management & Executive Masters of Business Administration, from the University of South Florida. She is also Six Sigma Lean certified.


As a Reiki Master, Cyn shares her gift and passion for healing and wellness. She founded FreedOm Philosophy, a nonprofit committed to serving the community with accessible wellness services and programs that celebrate people where they are and creates space for radical freedom. 

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SenterME, Immersive Self-Love Support

SenterME is a specially curated virtual self-love wellness center that helps women professionals and entrepreneurs access optimal emotional wellness and stress relief. Our members lead healthy mind & heart lifestyles, experience greater fulfillment, and achieve overall life success. 


Our holistic approach to self-love is creative, intentional, and inspiring, encouraging a drastic improvement in our members' quality of life. We break down self-love into relevant and relatable practices that can be used daily to self-regulate emotions with mastery and easily navigate stress. Our commitment to reimagining self-love catalyzes the life-long change that our guests experience by way of the immersive support and guidance we provide.


We offer classes, workshops, pop-up retreats, and signature coaching memberships that make it convenient for women with demanding lifestyles to hold space for themselves to maintain balance and be grounded in wellness. 


We position women to cultivate authenticity, self-compassion, and transformative growth. 

Mission Statement

We create a clear and easily accessible path to emotional wellness and stress relief for women professionals and entrepreneurs by providing immersive self-love support.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to use our innovative wellness approach to reveal self-love as an essential component of professional advancement and entrepreneurial success.

'I have known since I was 6 that I would be a teacher. It wasn't until I learned to love myself that I realized what I was meant to teach.'

-Charlotte C. Louis



Historically Underutilized Business NC Certified
Bank of America Institute at Cornell's Women's Entrepreneurship Certified
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