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Join Our Community! 

Are you struggling to create time and space for yourself? Do you find yourself putting the needs, safety, and comfort of others before your own? Do you want more from your everyday life? Join a community that gives you the support you are worthy of to ground yourself, nurture and replenish yourself, and align your life with the success you desire!  

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Become A SenterME House Member

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Becoming an SMH Member comes with one of the most essential elements of self-love, community. You will benefit from community support, access to our private group discussions, exclusive monthly healing circles, and member-only events. You belong to a community that accepts you for you, supports you, and encourages your overall wellness. 

Our monthly Healing Circles and virtual group sessions provide signature coaching. This regular support helps you access optimal emotional wellness and stress relief as you learn more about how to regulate your emotions, prioritize your needs, and manage stress with ease.   

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