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Charlotte Louis, owner of SenterME
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Dedicated Leadership

Charlotte C. Louis is the owner and founder of the SenterME House. She is a self-love coach, keynote speaker, & certified meditation practitioner who offers over 16 years of relationship-building and corporate training experience. Charlotte is a motivated, people-oriented professional, with hundreds of hours of self-love coaching experience and counting! 

Charlotte is a skilled leader and communicator who aims to change how we view self-love by amplifying its impact on our emotional wellness and how we manage stress. By re-educating self-love best practices, Charlotte is striving to help women & organizations secure their expansion by investing in an innovative approach to wellness.


After struggling with depression and anxiety for years, she found herself emotionally unwell, and stressed out. SenterME was founded inspired by Charlotte's personal journey to self-love. After freeing herself of depression, anxiety, and an 8-year abusive relationship, Charlotte succeeded in applying what she learned to show up as her highest (authentic) self while maintaining inner peace and confidence. From this journey, she transformed her life by building a self-love environment, learning to speak a self-love language, and connecting with her self-love vision. 


Inside the SenterME House, Charlotte is on a mission to help women access optimal emotional wellness and stress relief by normalizing the re-education of self-love.

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SenterME House- A Self-Love Experience Reimagined

The SenterME House is the premium self-love resource helping you to access optimal emotional wellness and stress relief! Studies show that improving one’s emotional wellness will have a positive impact on mental health, physical health, relationships, work performance, and overall life success. The SenterME House offers our members a safe space to access optimal emotional wellness and stress relief. 

Our holistic approach to self-love support encourages a drastic improvement in the quality of life of our guests. We focus on breaking down self-love into relevant and relatable best practices that our members can use immediately in their day-to-day lives to regulate emotions with mastery & easily navigate stress. We stay connected with our community via weekly newsletters, monthly healing circles, and group coaching sessions on a weekly and monthly basis. 


Because we immerse our guests in a self-love experience that strengthens sisterhood, deepens the connection with self, and promotes a life of ease and balance, they are positioned to improve the way they show up for themselves and in the world around them. 

Mission Statement
We create a clear and easily accessible path to emotional wellness and stress relief for women who are busy managing business, households, communities and everything in between.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to aid in the empowerment of the whole person so that they may journey in this life balanced and well. 

'I have known since I was 6 that I would be a teacher. It wasn't until I learned to love myself that I realized what I was meant to teach.'

-Charlotte C. Louis



Historically Underutilized Business NC Certified
Bank of America Institute at Cornell's Women's Entrepreneurship Certified
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