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Santi helps us to understand how to improve our emotional intelligence by sharing information on how the body experiences emotions, words, trauma, movement, and so much more! Explore each Santi for a gift of insight. 

Benefits of Emotional Intelligence in Self-Love


Improved clarity can be reflected in your environment in forms of organization & intentional expression.


Become a skilled communicator learning how to communicate with authenticity, knowing, and love. 


build deep and meaningful relationships by embracing & understanding your emotions & of those around you


With self-awareness, knowing where you are, who you are, & why you are enables you to expand & grow!

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Fear in the heart



Fear has several different impacts on the human heart. One of them being a faster heartbeat. The heart has two phases, systole, and diastole. Systole is when the heart contracts and pumps blood out whereas diastole is when it relaxes and refills with blood. 

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When we express ourselves authentically we unleash our creativity, our truth, & our inner experience entirely by giving it a voice! To express yourself is an act of bravery and shows evidence of security of self. It also builds confidence, trust with self, AND...

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Silent Mind



'Benefit comes from what is there, but usefulness comes from what is not there...' -Lao Tsu. Silence has an incredible impact on the body but Okanipalolo teaches us the usefulness of silence on the mind. Thoughts may be beneficial in figuring out problems...

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